Moe Monday – Horo

Hi guys, it’s been a while. @_@ For today’s Moe Monday, we have the spicy Horo from Spice and Wolf! Have a great week everyone! :D Oh and uh, some images might be a bit NSFW. *_*


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Back with a Vengeance

Take that, procrastination!

W00T, back at last! Actually I was able to get the PC up and running last Sunday however there was an error with my blog url (?) that didn’t allow me to upload files or save posts (making me miss yesterday’s Moe Monday… sorry). Thanks to support for getting that sorted out. :D

Anyway, here are some pre-orders that came up during the last few days:


From Taki Corporation comes the first (and hopefully not the last) PVC figure from Hayate no Gotoku, the “lively 17 year old super housemaid” Maria! She comes in at 1/8 scale and will be released March 2008 for 4,515 Yen. Hopefully they’ll do Hinagiku or Nagi next!

louise.jpg horo.jpg

Resinya also revealed their figure lineup for March! First is this very tsuntsun-looking 1/7 scale Louise from Zero no Tsukaima. She’ll retail for 6,880 Yen. Next up is this figure of Horo from Spice and Wolf! She’s been gaining a lot of popularity recently, and I can’t blame her, she’s totally moe~! TAIL FEEL SO GOOD! She’ll also be released in 1/7 scale at 7,800 Yen.


And from Toy’sworks comes their rendition of Exelica from Trigger Heart Exelica! She’ll come in at 1/8 scale (which is massive, considering all the armor she has) and will be released at May 2008 for a whopping 9,550 Yen. Which reminds me, for those getting Alter’s verision of Exelica, have you prepared shelf space for her already?

And that’s about it for today! Some figure pre-orders just came in a few days ago, hopefully I’ll be able to post a review by next week. :D