My Figure Collection 2011 – Part 2: Robots and Riders

Hello folks! This is the second part in my collection post series where I share pictures of most of my mecha and hero action figures. Enjoy!

Afro Gunso!

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Figure News Roundup – 02/04/08

Wow, it’s February already! Another batch of figure pre-orders should be coming in any day, I hope you guys are ready. XD Anyway here are some figure news that got piled up during the last few days…


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Figure News Roundup – May releases and more Revoltech!

Here’s a quick roundup of figure news within the past few days, mostly for May 2008 figure releases:


Kotobukiya has revealed preorder details for their 1/8 scale Tabitha from Zero no Tsukaima. She comes with a removable cloak, and will be released on May 2008 with a retail price of 5,040 Yen. Hopefully they’ll do Siesta or Henrietta next! Also from Kotobukiya is the next entry in their ToHeart 2 Another Days “Maid Version” series of figures, the high-strung Yuma Tonami! This 1/8 scale figure will be released on May 2008 as well, and will retail for 5,040 Yen.


Toy’sworks has announced that they will be releasing a 1/8 scale figure of Yuiko Kurugaya from Key’s Little Busters! in a really seductive pose! This PVC+ABS figure will have a retail price of 6,800 Yen and will be released May 2008.


Preorders for the next wave of Kaiyodo‘s Revoltech figure releases for March 2008 have also shown up: No. 046 Starscream and No.047 Hot Rodimus from The Transformers! They will retail for 1,995 Yen each. In other Revoltech-related news, Kaiyodo has announced that they will be releasing their Revoltech Gurren Lagann figure at the upcoming Wonder Festival 2008 Winter event, 3 months before the official release date! I wonder how much it’ll be sold for at Yahoo! afterwards. x_x


BRICKS WERE SHAT! Street Fighter x Revoltech!!!

Got this info from 2chan’s mokeiura board and! Capcom will be releasing an online fighting game based on their Street Fighter franchise called Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation. But the biggest surprise is that Kaiyodo will be collaborating with Capcom with this project, and the character models in the game will be based on REVOLTECH FIGURES! And earlier today, images of the real Street Fighter Revoltech figures have been revealed! WOOT!


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Revoltech Fraulein Asuka pre-order up!

キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!! Kaiyodo’s Revoltech Fraulein #003 Asuka Langley was just up for pre-order today at Amiami ! Everyone’s favorite redhead will come with her doll and a P. rifle as well as interchangeable hands, and will have multiple points of articulation thanks to Kaiyodo’s ‘Revolver’ joints and ‘E.L.F’ base body. I wish she came with more facial expressions though, like an “Anta baka!” one. She comes out March 2008 and will retail for 2,300 Yen. *edit* She’s also available for pre-order at Play-Asia!

asuka2.jpg asuka3.jpg asuka4.jpg
More images at Amiami

Revoltech Expo 2007: Mecha Madness!


Revoltech’s wide selection of mecha figures is undoubtedly their biggest selling point, ranging from ‘Super Robots‘ (Shin Getter, Mazinkaiser), ‘Real Robots‘ (Patlabor, Dougram) and even those in between (Evangelion). During the Revoltech Expo 2007 event, Kaiyodo revealed their mecha Revoltech figures that’s in store for us next year… Continue reading