My Collection + GSC’s Figure Photo Contest

So uh, I just realized that I haven’t shared recent pics of my collection in this blog yet even if I’ve shared it practically everywhere else! Sorry ’bout that!

To rectify that, I’ve created a brand new My Collection page where I’ll be sharing the most recent pictures of my collection.

You can find the link to the page in the quickbar up top!

GoodSmile Company is having a Scale Figure Photo Contest right now!


Scale Figure Photo Contest

● Anybody is welcome to enter!
Both those who enter and those who vote for their favorite photo have a chance to win prizes!

● Here are the prizes!
Grand Prize (1): (Judges Decision)
・ Ten scale figures of your choice.
・ Photo featured on the official GSC website for 24 hours.

Jury Prize (a few): (Judges Decision)
・ Two scale figures of your choice.
・ Photos featured on the photo contest website.

Voters’ Choice (2): (Voter’s Decision)
・ Two scale figures of your choice.
・ Photos featured on the photo contest website.

Voters’ Prize (5): (Winners Randomly Selected)
・ One scale figure of your choice.

● The schedule is as follows!
Submission Deadline : 7th July (Sun)
Entry Selection : 21st June (Fri)/5th July(Fri)/12th July (Fri)
(Photos that pass this selection will be put up on the website for voting)
User Voting Deadline : 17th July (Wed)
Final Entry Selection : 28th July (Sun) (Afternoon)

Winners Announcement : 28th July (Sun) (Night)

Grand Prize winner gets to take home 10 scale figures of their choice! How crazy is that?

Check out the event page for more info on the rules and regulations and on how to enter the contest!

To be honest, I’m having a hard time coming up with an idea for my entry, haha! If worse comes to worst, I’ll just have to go with one of the figure photos I’ve already uploaded here.

Good luck to everyone participating in the contest!


My Figure Collection 2011 – Part 2: Robots and Riders

Hello folks! This is the second part in my collection post series where I share pictures of most of my mecha and hero action figures. Enjoy!

Afro Gunso!

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My Figure Collection 2011 – Part 1: My Desk and Shelves

It’s been more than 6 months since I last posted pics of my collection, and I believe it’s about time I posted something substantial after my latest “reboot”, so here’s some new pictures of my figure collection. Due to the number of images I’ve decided to separate the collection post into several parts. For the first part, I’ll be posting pictures of my workdesk and a quick overview of my collection shelves.

First up are some pictures of my workdesk. I work at home most of the time and I enjoy fiddling with the toys on my desk when I’m building up ideas and concepts. The figures on my desk all come from films: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Star Wars and Iron Man 2 and they’re all made by Hasbro.

My "battlestation"

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HobbySnacks Reset! 2: Electric Boogaloo

Hello everyone, Snacks here.

I’m still alive!

As you know I’ve hardly posted anything in here for almost a year now aside from shameless plugs of my former organization’s fairs. Sorry about that.

So what’s new with me? Well, life’s been pretty great so far!

I’m still working as a graphic artist and copywriter for a game company which does Facebook games.  We just launched one of our games into beta last week and I feel really proud to be part of that project. It feels awesome to see other people enjoying and appreciating the stuff that you’ve worked long hours on. There’s still a lot more work to be done since we still have some fixes and additional features to work on to make the game even better, but it’s definitely worth all the effort.

In other news, despite not being able to post much here, I’m actually back to collecting figures! When I was in a collecting pseudo-hiatus last year, a tropical depression/typhoon, Ketsana (known locally as Ondoy) dropped by and delivered the worst rainfall and flooding our country’s capital has experienced in ages. Our house got flooded (I posted a video of it here), but thankfully I was able to relocate my stuff before the waters rose to extreme levels. Early this year, for fear of experiencing another “Ondoy”, my folks decided to add a second story to our home where we can store our important stuff such as our books as well as my figure collection safely. So now a part of the second story serves as my room/office and I now have more room for displaying my figures! Yay!

My Shelves

A pic of my main collection shelves housing most of my figures

You can check out more pictures of my collection on my Flickr album.

So what’s up in store for HobbySnacks in the future? Well, you can expect some figure reviews (which I haven’t done yet since I started this blog), posts about my figure hauls and probably some second-hand news about upcoming hobby-related events. I’ll also be making a new section in the blog for my collection pictures when I’m less lazy. Well, that’s about it for now! Thank you for checking and visiting my blog for the past few months despite the lack of new content.

Oh and another shameless plug – our figure collecting forum, OtaKai Figure Society has moved to a new location since our previous host, decided to shut its doors down for good. Check out the new home of OtaKai and join in on the fun!

Just some hauls, etc.

I haven’t had a good haul in a while, so I might as well post some pics. XD Here are my recent (and not so recent) gets:

From the left: Revoltech Fraulien Rei Ayanami, GSC 1/8 Yuki Kotonomiya, Kotobukiya 1/8 Louise, GSC 1/8 Sayaka Takai Mizugi Ver., MaxFactory 1/8 Yuki Nagato, SegaPrize Haruhi Suzumiya Clasroom Diorama Figures, MaxFactory 1/8 Ryoko Asakura and Revoltech No.050 Gurren Lagann

Very hawt Gurren Lagann Yoko Artbook! I love Gainax’s art and this surely didn’t disappoint. I can’t wait for the Nia artbook coming in a few weeks!

Thanks goes to the following:
Immaterial for Yuki and Louise, Japutra for Sayaka, Zeroblade for Ryoko, Tenchi for SegaPrize Haruhi, V2 for the Yoko Artbook and Wasabi Toys for the rest! Thanks! XD

And some random stuff…

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