*crickets chirping*


Hey folks, Snacks here.

Yep, still alive. I’m doing fine, thanks.

Sorry for not having any updates since November last year.

Then again, the only reason this place still gets hits is because of a friend’s translation of a certain Vocaloid song some time ago.www

But I’m not complaining, heck, it’s not like this blog has any content anyway other than my attempts at figure photography, so I’m glad that it’s still getting views somewhat.

So uh, thanks to everyone who stayed with HobbySnacks all this time!

I’m currently managing an online community for figure collectors called OtaKai Figure Society!

We’re a Philippine-based collector group, but we’d be glad to have collectors from all over join us too.

So if you’re looking for a group to share your passion for figures and chat with like-minded people, check out our Facebook group at:


Speaking of OtaKai, we had a figure display at the annual toys and collectibles convention, Toycon PH 2014, which was held a few weeks ago.

It went very well, thanks to some new and old members who shared their collections for the display.

I’ll be posting my shots from Toycon PH 2014 here in a bit, including pictures of our figure display.

I won’t be NEET for long, I’m going back to school in a few months!

Recently it felt like I’m stuck in a quagmire career-wise. I decided that I needed a degree to get a chance at getting a more fulfilling job.

I’m pretty excited and psyched about going back to school again. Hopefully it’ll give me better opportunities in the future.

That’s all for now, until next time!

Snacks/ Mikko


My Collection + GSC’s Figure Photo Contest

So uh, I just realized that I haven’t shared recent pics of my collection in this blog yet even if I’ve shared it practically everywhere else! Sorry ’bout that!

To rectify that, I’ve created a brand new My Collection page where I’ll be sharing the most recent pictures of my collection.

You can find the link to the page in the quickbar up top!

GoodSmile Company is having a Scale Figure Photo Contest right now!


Scale Figure Photo Contest

● Anybody is welcome to enter!
Both those who enter and those who vote for their favorite photo have a chance to win prizes!

● Here are the prizes!
Grand Prize (1): (Judges Decision)
・ Ten scale figures of your choice.
・ Photo featured on the official GSC website for 24 hours.

Jury Prize (a few): (Judges Decision)
・ Two scale figures of your choice.
・ Photos featured on the photo contest website.

Voters’ Choice (2): (Voter’s Decision)
・ Two scale figures of your choice.
・ Photos featured on the photo contest website.

Voters’ Prize (5): (Winners Randomly Selected)
・ One scale figure of your choice.

● The schedule is as follows!
Submission Deadline : 7th July (Sun)
Entry Selection : 21st June (Fri)/5th July(Fri)/12th July (Fri)
(Photos that pass this selection will be put up on the website for voting)
User Voting Deadline : 17th July (Wed)
Final Entry Selection : 28th July (Sun) (Afternoon)

Winners Announcement : 28th July (Sun) (Night)

Grand Prize winner gets to take home 10 scale figures of their choice! How crazy is that?

Check out the event page for more info on the rules and regulations and on how to enter the contest!

To be honest, I’m having a hard time coming up with an idea for my entry, haha! If worse comes to worst, I’ll just have to go with one of the figure photos I’ve already uploaded here.

Good luck to everyone participating in the contest!


Due to frequent power interruptions caused by the monsoon, my hard drive crashed last Monday, and I lost about 230gb worth of stuff.

Surprisingly I don’t feel as devastated as I thought I would be after the crash… though maybe it just hasn’t sunk in yet, or something.

Oh well, a fresh start is good too. I guess.

So uh… that pretty much explains the lack of updates and me missing out on Moe Monday for this week. I’ll make up for it next time. Sorry folks. (;´Д`)

Zetsubou Shitaaaa!!


WTF… for some reason, my sidebar was moved to the footer! I haven’t even done anything. @_@” There’s no way I could’ve messed with CSS since I’m a free user. I’m certain it’s not image sizes too since my images’ width is always within the theme’s maximum width limit.

Losing my sidebar has left me in despair!! Help anyone? <(°A° )>


I was able to find out that the ‘More Tag’ in the last post was the one that caused it. >_<‘


Hello, Snacks here. Welcome to my new blog HobbySnacks.



Expect lots of moe~ too! Cool and Spicy!

Ever noticed how browsing for hobby stuff during your free time was like eating snacks in-between meals? That’s the concept behind HobbySnacks, a blog that will deliver quick, crunchy news, reviews and musings on anime, figures, tokusatsu and anything hobby-related. Munch away!