Happy New Year! 2013 Edition

happynewyear2013Happy New Year, everyone!

So, what can you expect from HobbySnacks this year?

To be honest, not much really. (´・ω・)

HobbySnacks has been steadily slowing down in terms of posts and variety of content with each passing year since the blog opened up in 2007.

A reason for that is that I’ve stopped doing figure news posts and dumping magazine scans from 2chan for some time now since there’s already a ton of other figure blogs dedicated to doing just that. So what I ended up doing instead is using the blog as a dump for digitally manipulated pictures of my figures. And uh… I’ve been too lazy to do the figure reviews I’ve been promising to do ever since this blog started, so I haven’t posted any yet. Sorry, haha! (´・ω・` )

It’s funny to think that the most popular post in the blog until now is something from 2008 – the “Dear” lyric translation that my friend Managarmr did, which I posted for him to promote his own translation blog (which he never bothered to update again, ever). That post accounts for almost all the hits that HobbySnacks has been getting, way more than all of my other posts after it combined!

It’s not that I’m looking for more traffic or anything, but sometimes I wonder if people still care about the stuff that I keep on posting in here. (´・ω・` )

So yeah, there’s not much to expect for 2013 aside from more pictures of figyas, and maybe some personal musings every once in a while. Or hmm, maybe “Moe Monday”-like image dumps. Or who knows, maybe I could finally find the resolve to do a figure review one of these days?

If you guys have ideas for content that you’d like to see on HobbySnacks, feel free to tell me on the comments, or the suggestions form on the ‘Contact’ page!

As for me, I should really start looking for a new job soon. And maybe get a new camera, or something. I’m hoping that 2013 will be a good year for me, after the hax which was 2012.

And finally, thank you, dear readers, for visiting HobbySnacks after all this time. I hope 2013 will be a productive and prosperous year for everyone! Huzaaah! (ノ・∀・)ノ


You can also find the figure photo above @ MFC


Wow, turns out this is my 99th post on HobbySnacks!

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