My Wonder Festival 2011 Summer Wishlist

This year’s Wonder Festival Summer was held yesterday at Chiba, Japan. WonFes is a huge bi-annual event where sculptors display and sell Garage Kits and major figure manufacturers give a preview of the figures that they will be releasing in the coming months.

I felt that yesterday’s WonFes wasn’t as grand as previous ones, but as expected there were some fantastic figures on display that I’m looking forward to getting in the near future.

All of the figure images in this post were taken from Akiba Hobby and Hobby Stock Blog. Do check out their fantastic WonFes coverage posts!

And so without further ado, here’s my WonFes wishlist!


Persona 3 1/8 Aigis (Art Works Ver.) by Alter

Really beautiful. I wasn’t able to get Alter’s first Aigis figure (which is hella expensive already) so I’m glad they’ll be releasing another one!

Infinite Stratos 1/8 Charlotte Dunois by Alter

HNNGHHH~ how can anyone say no to that? I don’t care if she doesn’t come with her IS unit… she’s just so cute! *A*

Working! 1/8 Poplar Taneshima by Alter

Another moesome figure. I’ve been waiting for a good Poplar figure to come out and it looks like my wish was granted! Now if only they’ll make Inami next…

Durarara!! 1/8 Celty Sturleson by Alter

One of the coolest characters from one of the best shows of  last year. I’m still hoping that they make a figma of her soon too.

Vocaloid 2 1/8 Miku Hatsune Append Ver. by Max Factory

Gorgeous figure. I just hope she fits in my display cabinet.

Steins;Gate 1/8 Kurisu Makise by Goodsmile Co.

I could always use some more figs of Kurisu/Assistant/Kurisutiiina/Celeb 17/The Zombie. It’s also her birthday today (7/25)! Happy Birthday Kurisu! :D

Bakemonogatari 1/8 Shinobu Oshino by Goodsmile Co.

Even if Senjougahara’s the only Bakemonogatari figure I planned on getting, when I saw that they were releasing a Shinobu I changed my mind. It’s hard to resist getting her when she’s so… HNNGHHHH~

Puella Magi Madoka Magica 1/8 Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi, Sayaka Miki and Mami Tomoe by Goodsmile Co.

These mahou shoujo figures look great! I’m also glad their poses aren’t display space hungry since I want to display the five (with Kyouko) of them in one shelf.

Gunbuster CM’s Corp. Gutto Kuru Noriko Takaya

EFFORT AND GUTS! Noriko’s one of the most badass female characters of all time and I’m glad she’s getting a new figure!


Black Rock Shooter: The Game – figma Black Rock Shooter by Max Factory

I’ve been excited about this figma ever since I found out that they were going to do a redesign for the PSP game and it just looks badass! I wasn’t able to preorder the limited game with White Rock Shooter though. :\ Still, I’m glad they made a figma of this awesome design for BRS.

Berserk – figma Guts by Max Factory

We could always use some more manly men in the figma line. Looks like Gut’s design is based off the upcoming Berserk OVA. I just hope he’s not an exclusive or anything…

Shinryaku! Ika Musume – figma Ika Musume by Max Factory

The invader has arrived in figma form! Ika-chan’s looking good so far. I’m excited to see what accessories she comes with. I she comes with tentacles which can be used to interact with other figmas. And uh no, not that way. :V

Puella Magi Madoka Magica – figma Kyouko, Mami and Sayaka by Max Factory

 inb4 “I want to pop Mami’s head off”.


Ano Hana – Nendroid Meiko Honma


Vocaloid – Nendroid Meiko

Yay, Meiko’s finally getting a Nendroid!

Ikoku Meiro no Croisee – Nendroid Yune

Yune’s cuteness is a miracle of the universe!

Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Nendroid Petit Sets

I think I’ll just get these instead of the full-sized Nendroids to save up on display space (and funds).

Well, that’s about it for my WonFes wishlist! There were a lot of other neat figures on display but I think that’s all I’m interested on getting for now. I’m not even 100% sure if I’ll be getting all of the ones I’ve listed here. ^^;

How about you, what are you planning on acquiring from the stuff displayed at WonFes?

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