New Gundam series to be announced on June 13!

From Gundam.Info:

“A new Gundam project begins soon! What’s its setting? Its story? Its mecha? Its setting? Its characters? All these will be revealed at an announcement event scheduled for  1:30 PM JST, June 13th!

This event will be livestreamed and rebroadcast on Bandai Channel Live! Don’t miss the moment a new Gundam story begins!”

Oh boy, a new Gundam series! Which means new merchandise, model kits, action figures, pvc statues…


I hope it’s good though.

P.S.: It bugs me how they repeated “its setting?” twice, though it’s quite unlikely that it’s going to be set in the Universal Century.

P.P.S.: Yes, I know I haven’t posted Part 3 of my figure collection post series yet. I’ll get to it, one day. Sorry, I’ve been busy/lazy lately.

P.P.P.S.: And another thing, I made a tumblr! Follow me!


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