[Lyrics] Miku Hatsune – Dear

Art by YahaKo (pixiv)

One of virtual idol Miku Hatsune‘s most recent and catchiest songs is “Dear”, composed by 19’s Sound Factory. It’s a really beautiful song, but once I understood the lyrics I couldn’t help but tear up. ;_;

My friend Managarmr came up with a romanji transliteration and english translation. but he’s not quite confident if he got all of them right so if you’re proficient and you want to point out any errors, he’d like you to do so! :D

And so without further ado, here’s the song (and lyrics)… after the break.

Miku Hatsune version:

Seven Singers in Chorus version:

UtawaSakura’s version (my favorite):



Atama no naka de kikoeru kimi no koe ga
Ima mo watashi no kokoro wo yusaburu
Kioku no naka de kimi ha itsudemo
Yasashiku hohoendeiruyo

Ano hi kaeru tochuu kimi to futari
warainagara te wo tsunaide
Zutto zutto konna toki ga tsuzuku to omotteitanoni
Kimi ga saigo ni itta kotoba [ima made arigatou] ga
Zutto nariyamanainda

Aitakute aitakute koe ni naranai koe de
Kimi no namae wo yobitsuzukeru
Kanashikute kurushikute
Hitori no yoru ga kowai kara
Yozora mieagete
Kimi wo sagashiteru…

Kimi ga kureta yubiwa wo ima mo shiteruyo
Kore ga futari no saigo no kizuna dakara
Tooi Tooi sekai de kimi ha ima mo
Yubiwa wo tsuketekureteiruno?

Itsuka kimi ni tsutaetaito omotteita kimochi ha
Zutto zutto watashi no kororo no naka ni nemutte iru mama de
Dokokade watashi wo mimamoru kimi ni todoku youni
Watashi ha kono uta wo utauyo…

Aitakute aitakute koe ni naranai koe de
Kimi no namae wo yobitsuzukeru
Kanashikute kurushikute
Hitori no yoru ga kowai kara
Yozora mieagete

Daisuki na kimi no koto wo
Zutto wasurenaiyo
Utsurikawaru keshiki no naka demo

Saigo made ienakatta
Kono kotoba wo kimi ni okuruyo
Kimi no koto zutto
Aishiteiru kara…


Inside my head I can hear your voice
Even now, my heart is fluttering
In my memories, you’re always there
Smiling softly

One day, we were going home together
Laughing as we held each other’s hands
I felt that it would go on forever
Your lasts words [Thank you for everything]
Continues to echo

I want to see you, the voice that’s no longer there
I keep on calling out your name
Such sorrow, such pain
The lonely night scares me
I look up to the sky
searching for you…

I’m still wearing the ring that you gave
This was the last ‘promise’ the two of us made
In the faraway world you are in now
Are you still wearing your ring?

Someday, I’ll send you the thoughts and feelings
That have always lain asleep deep in my heart
To wherever you’re watching over me from
This song, I sing for you…

I want to see you, the voice that’s no longer there
I keep on calling out your name
Such sorrow, such pain
The lonely night scares me
I look up on to the sky…

I’ll never ever forget
About how much I love you
No matter how much I change inside

In the end I was able to convey
These words I wanted to send you
I’ll love you, forever…


21 thoughts on “[Lyrics] Miku Hatsune – Dear

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  3. great great,
    sorry but i speak spanish, Venezuela
    my english is bad

    really realy hard for me find this lyrics.

    see this video, is very very good the bass girl/guy and she/he play this song very well and the singer i feel that is other girl

    genial genial
    disculpa pero yo hablo español, velezuela
    mi ingles es malo

    realmente dificil para mi encontrar estas letras

    ve este video, es muy muy buen@ la chica/chico del bajo y toca esta cancion muy bien y la cantante yo siento que es otra chica

  4. My condolences to your friend’s family.

    By the way, any idea where I can download or find the original song (not from Youtube?) I already have the Tissue Hime version (the guy with the bass.. Yes, I know what you’re thinking! That person IS a HE!!), but I couldn’t find the original song. Maybe you can tell me from which album is this song comes from??

    Thank’s a lot!!

  5. Sorry, there is no free download but NicoSound and YouTube. You have to buy the mp3 at 19’s Sound Factory. Anyway, this is one of the best songs of Hatsune Miku for me and it’s so kawaii. The NicoChorus version is also epic and U. Sakura’s is awesome.

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  7. Hello!

    First, I’d like to thank you for the English translation, I’ve been looking for it!

    I’d just like to comment on the lyrics translation, the third line from the bottom:

    “In the end, I was able to convey..”

    The Japanese was “Saigo made ienakatta”, and I’m pretty sure that “ienakatta” means “I couldn’t”, so the more appropriate translation would be “In the end, I wasn’t able to convey” instead.

    Thanks again for translating the lyrics!

    • Ienakatta means “I couldn’t say” So saigo is “last”, Made is “also can be known as could/couldn’t, depends on the last word of the sentence. So the meaning of Saigo made ienakatta, means “In the end, I couldn’t say it…” :) But you were quite CORRECT! :D

  8. I always think of my closest best friend & crush every time I listen to this now. It’s been almost 7 years now, & I still miss him. I always regret having to leave the city… Hey, I was just 9, how was I supposed to know we were leaving permanently? Even since then, I wasn’t able to speak anymore… I just stopped… Barely speaking everyday at school. ♥ I still hope & sing horribly when I’m alone. Hehe ^-^’ I should just grow up, now…

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