Moe Monday – Hiiragi Twins Birthday Special!

Time for a special edition of Moe Monday! Today (July 7) just happens to be the birthday of probably the most moe twins ever: Kagami and Tsukasa Hiiragi from LuckyStar! And to celebrate this special occasion here’s a collection of really cute images featuring the both of them. Happy Birthday, Kagamin, Tsukasa!

8 thoughts on “Moe Monday – Hiiragi Twins Birthday Special!

  1. Really? strange. I don’t watch lucky star though. BTW. It’s me and my mother’s b-day too, my father’s a day late. Haha, weird family huh?

  2. they are twins but their personality are totally different.

    i feel sad for kagami that she wasn’t in the same class as her firends and sister. :(

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