OtaKai Gathering + Hauls

We had the OtaKai Figure Society gathering all weekend long and it was epic fun! The OtaKai Figure Society is a community for Japanese figure and otaku culture enthusiasts, and we got a bunch of new members from the recent conventions so we decided to have a gathering to meet up with them! It was great seeing the new members and some members who I haven’t met yet personally. As usual we hung out at Greenhills and raided the hobby stores which was epic lulz, there’s nothing funnier than seeing store people taken aback when a huge group of collectors come in!

OtaKai members on the first day of the gathering in front of Wasabi Toys. Thanks to japutra for the pic!

It was also great hanging out with the usual people, especially LC who we haven’t seen in a while due to his work overseas. I also won some prizes from our raffle: a volume of Comic Gum and uh… a magazine from Thailand (which I gave away to someone else ^^;).

So if you’re a figure collector or if you’re into otaku culture, come and join us at the OtaKai Figure Society forums! XD

And here’s my haul for the weekend:

From the left: figma Haruhi Suzumiya, Revoltech Dix Nuef, Souchaku Henshin Kamen Rider Den-O Gun, Rod and Axe form

When I opened up the figma Haruhi, I noticed that she had paint rub on her lower left leg which was kinda disappointing. Considering Max Factory’s QC track record, I guess I just got unlucky. ^_^; It’s still a great figure though, she’s really fun to pose around! I can’t wait to get the other members of the SOS-dan!

5 thoughts on “OtaKai Gathering + Hauls

  1. Looks like you had fun!!!!!
    Nice loot!!!!!!
    Raiding the local Hobby store huh…
    Too bad there isn’t any figure society here in Toronto. I wish there was though…

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