Moe Monday – Aoi Nishimata

Hooray, it’s time for another Moe Monday! I guess a lot of you saw this coming… today’s Moe Monday will feature the work of another female artist! And today it’s Aoi Nishimata! She and previously featured artist Hiro Suzuhira have known each other for a long time and have collaborated on a lot of doujins and works including character designs for Shuffle!, on which she did one of the most moe characters ever: Primula! In fact she’s so moe I’ll be starting off this post with her! Have an awesome week guys! XD

Images from moe.imouto.

8 thoughts on “Moe Monday – Aoi Nishimata

  1. @ron~, V2: Thanks! Glad you liked em. :D

    @Rin: Yeah it’s Miku, Nishimata style. *w*

    @Zeroblade: Haha yeah, lol. Does Navel even have other character designers besides her and Hiro Suzuhira? @_@;

  2. I love the designs of aoi nishimata are beautiful
    and charming! I love a lot, but I would like to know who is this character of blue hair that seems to be an angel?

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