Just some hauls, etc.

I haven’t had a good haul in a while, so I might as well post some pics. XD Here are my recent (and not so recent) gets:

From the left: Revoltech Fraulien Rei Ayanami, GSC 1/8 Yuki Kotonomiya, Kotobukiya 1/8 Louise, GSC 1/8 Sayaka Takai Mizugi Ver., MaxFactory 1/8 Yuki Nagato, SegaPrize Haruhi Suzumiya Clasroom Diorama Figures, MaxFactory 1/8 Ryoko Asakura and Revoltech No.050 Gurren Lagann

Very hawt Gurren Lagann Yoko Artbook! I love Gainax’s art and this surely didn’t disappoint. I can’t wait for the Nia artbook coming in a few weeks!

Thanks goes to the following:
Immaterial for Yuki and Louise, Japutra for Sayaka, Zeroblade for Ryoko, Tenchi for SegaPrize Haruhi, V2 for the Yoko Artbook and Wasabi Toys for the rest! Thanks! XD

And some random stuff…

– The first Macross Frontier OST “Nyan Furo” is friggen awesome! I love the track selection and the vocal tracks just made it more epic. My favorite track has got to be “Welcome to My FanClub’s Night! (Sheryl on Stage)” even if it hasn’t been sung in the show yet.

– The Akihabara stabbing incident was really shocking, especially because it happened in a place close to our hearts. My prayers go out to the victims, and I hope the perpetrator gets what he deserves. >_<

-KTKR! I just watched the streaming teaser for the Clannad: Tomoyo-hen special OVA and I can’t be more excited! I liked Tomoyo among all the Clannad girls, and I really think she deserved more screentime in the series. I can’t wait to see moar of mai waifu~ <3 Tomoyo FTW!!

Oh and uh here’s the teaser:

3 thoughts on “Just some hauls, etc.

  1. NICE HAUL!!!!!!
    I WANT YOUR YUKI!!!!!!!
    The Akihabara incident is really sad!!!!!! I pray to the lost ones!!!!
    I think the Tomoyo Clannad OVA is similar to the game Tomyo Tomorrow or hopefully, key will release something based on the game.

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