Just in! MaxFactory’s Mikuru Asahina (Waitress Ver.)

Mika-tan of GSC posted pics of a prototype of another upcoming figure on the horizon, MaxFactory‘s own version of Mikuru Asahina in her waitress outfit! Like Tsuruya-san before her, she’ll also come with nekomimi accessories. I prefer Alter’s version personally, but I guess this is good news for completists of MaxFactory’s Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu figures.


4 thoughts on “Just in! MaxFactory’s Mikuru Asahina (Waitress Ver.)

  1. yo.. i am thinking and thinking whether to get my second Max Fac Mikuru.. I personally like this one although I already got the battle maid ver.. :D

    Btw, exchange links ok? I added you to my blogroll :)

  2. @Zeroblade: Lulz

    @V2: Yep.

    @Prim3: Hey, thanks for dropping by. :D Haha yeah, though this one’s good to pair with Tsuruya, like how the Mikurunrun ver.’s good to pair with “Witch” Nagato and “Director” Haruhi. XD I heard MaxFac announced that they’ll be releasing a second Nagato PVC sometime this fall, let’s keep our eyes peeled. *w* And yep, added you to my blogroll. ;)

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