Figure News Roundup – 02/04/08

Wow, it’s February already! Another batch of figure pre-orders should be coming in any day, I hope you guys are ready. XD Anyway here are some figure news that got piled up during the last few days…



Akibablog got a scoop on Solid Theater‘s creepy Dark Sakura figure from Fate/Stay Night! I’m absolutely loving the details on this one, especially that sultry yet malevolent-looking expression. She’ll also make a great pair for Solid Theater‘s upcoming Alter Saber figure. No details on the price and release date have come up yet, but it’ll surely come up any day soon so stay tune!

pocco.jpg pocco2.jpg pocco3.jpg

Kaiyodo‘s Shunya Yamashita-designed Revoltech Fraulien Pocco figure has also come up for pre-order at Amiami. Honestly I’m not into his designs that much, but the combination of excellent detail and poseability is starting to drag me in! You can also pre-order this from Play-Asia. She comes out April 2008 for 2,600 Yen.


Another figure coming in on the horizon is Orchid Seed‘s 1/7 scale Metis PVC from Persona 3 FES! It’s great that a lot of figures from Persona 3 are coming out, I just hope someone makes Yukari and Fuuka soon (Alter? :D). Aigis’ “sister” will be released on June 2008 for 6, 800 Yen.


For fans of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu and Pinky:st., check out this upcoming P Chara Suzumiya Haruhi figure from Vance Project! She’ll come with alternate bodies: one in her school uniform and the other in her iconic bunny suit! The figure will retail for 1,680 Yen and will be released March 2008.


In other Suzumiya Haruhi-related news, details have come up on GSC‘s Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu Nendroid Petit Wave 2 set of trading figures! Like the first wave, each figure will have 2 variations for different expressions and poses. The set includes Suzumiya Haruhi (vacation ver.), Asakura Ryoko, Kyon’s Imouto, Nagato Yuki and Asahina Mikuru (maid ver.)! The figures will come out in May, and a box of 12 will retail for 6000 Yen (500 Yen per figure). The secret figure’s silhouette has also been revealed, and I’m pretty sure it’ll be familiar to SHNY fans.


And finally, AkibaHobby was able to get pictures of prototypes samples of the highly anticipated Revoltech Gurren Lagann! It’s great to know that it comes with a Giga Drill Breaker accessory, even if it’s not as big as I thought it should be. It’s also noted that those lucky enough to get the WF early release will get a translucent Core Drill accessory as well!

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