Alter’s 1/8 Mikuru Asahina (Waitress Ver.) Revealed!


Alter unveiled a figure that’s surely in a Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu fan’s wishlist, the sweet Mikuru Asahina in her waitress uniform! She’ll come in at 1/8 scale and will be released this June for 6,090 Yen. Expect preorders to come up anytime soon *edit: it just did – Amiami, Hobby Search * ! In the words of Taniguchi… “KITAAAA!!”!!

4 thoughts on “Alter’s 1/8 Mikuru Asahina (Waitress Ver.) Revealed!

  1. Can anybody tell me if Alter have ever released Asahina Mikuru in School Uniform version ? I have Alter’s Haruhi and Yuki in their School Uniform versions and would love to complete the set with all three but have searched the net endlessly with no success.

    • Despite the bad news, thanks for the info. Beginning to regret starting Alter’s Haruhi collection now…i’m left with an incomplete collection. Never mind – I just clocked the Mikuru Nurse Costume figure…’so cute’! might just get that (afterall, they were forever dressing the poor girl up in the series!) Thanks once again.

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