Zetsubou Shitaaaa!!


WTF… for some reason, my sidebar was moved to the footer! I haven’t even done anything. @_@” There’s no way I could’ve messed with CSS since I’m a free user. I’m certain it’s not image sizes too since my images’ width is always within the theme’s maximum width limit.

Losing my sidebar has left me in despair!! Help anyone? <(°A° )>


I was able to find out that the ‘More Tag’ in the last post was the one that caused it. >_<‘

3 thoughts on “Zetsubou Shitaaaa!!

  1. Wow, thanks for pointing that out! o_o It seems that it did have something to do with my previous post, which still confuses me since I didn’t do anything out of the norm. @_@” Thanks again! XD

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