BRICKS WERE SHAT! Street Fighter x Revoltech!!!

Got this info from 2chan’s mokeiura board and! Capcom will be releasing an online fighting game based on their Street Fighter franchise called Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation. But the biggest surprise is that Kaiyodo will be collaborating with Capcom with this project, and the character models in the game will be based on REVOLTECH FIGURES! And earlier today, images of the real Street Fighter Revoltech figures have been revealed! WOOT!



What also sets it apart from other PC fighting games is that it’ll be controlled using the mouse. I’m not sure if that’s such a good idea but at least it’s unique. :D

sfr6.jpg sfr10.jpg

So how does Revoltech fit in this? Well, one of the most distinct features of online games is the ability to customize your online avatar, and in this game, customization is done by swapping ‘parts’ just like how you can swap parts between Revoltech figures! Genius! I’m not entirely sure how the figures themselves come into play, but my guess is it’ll be like Konami’s Busou Shinki: Battle Rondo game: buying the figures gives you a code which you can redeem online, so you can unlock the characters on the game.

sfr4.jpg sfr5.jpg sfr7.jpg sfr8.jpg

And here are images of customization at work (lol wtf @ Ryu with Chun-li’s torso?!):

sfr12.jpg sfr15.jpg sfr11.jpg sfr13.jpg sfr14.jpg

I wish they’d expand on this idea and make a Revoltech all-out battle royale game in the future!. Imagine having a game where all your Revoltech figures can fight it out! Yotsuba vs. Shin Getter anyone? \o/

Check here for more screenshots.

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