Guh… it’s really cold around this time of year, and a lot of people are getting sick, including me. ~_~” I’ve been down with a bad cold for the past few days, though I’ve been taking medication and liquids so I’m recovering slightly. Zeroblade‘s also been sick, though his is more uh… unfortunate (get better soon, lol).

A lot of fall ’07 anime wrapped up recently, and the new ones are slowly coming in, though nothing really peaks my interest that much yet aside from Persona and Shigofumi. Kamen Rider Den-O’s also nearing it’s conclusion and I’m pretty sure MANLY TEARS will be shed. Well anyway uh… here’s what you can expect within the next few days/weeks:

  • Moar Kamen Rider Kiva images
  • A figure review
  • A game review

Aaand that’s about it for today, I’mma get back to rest and hope this cold will be gone in a day or two. <(~_~ )

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