Toy’sworks ‘Little Busters!’ figures!

Amiami has some pre-order listings on figures by Toy’sworks‘ based on Key’s latest visual novel, ‘Little Busters!‘!

The first one is this 1/8 scale figure of Kudryavka Noumi, one of the heroines from the game. Kud is scheduled to be released on April 2008 for 6,800 Yen, and will surely please fans of the game and moe lovers everywhere.

Toy’sworks will also be releasing Solid Works DX ‘Little Busters!’ trading figures, which will be comprised of the heroines of the game. It will be sold as a set of 10 per box for 7,350 Yen and will also retail on April 2008.

(From left to right, Top Row) Mio Nishizono, Haruka Saigusa and Rin Natsume (Bottom Row) Yuiko Kurugaya, Komari Kamikita and Kudryavka Noumi
I haven’t really played ‘Little Busters!’ yet but these figures are so moe that it’ll be hard to resist getting them! <(*A* )>

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