Revoltech Expo 2007: Mecha Madness!


Revoltech’s wide selection of mecha figures is undoubtedly their biggest selling point, ranging from ‘Super Robots‘ (Shin Getter, Mazinkaiser), ‘Real Robots‘ (Patlabor, Dougram) and even those in between (Evangelion). During the Revoltech Expo 2007 event, Kaiyodo revealed their mecha Revoltech figures that’s in store for us next year…Rodimus and Starscream from Transformers


Tetsujin 28 and Black Ox

Ingram 1 Movie Ver., Ingram 2 Movie Ver. and Griffon Aqua Type from Patlabor


ARX-8 Laevantein from ‘Full Metal Panic’ (Hopefully they’ll make more FMP Arm Slaves, I’d sure love an M9…)


And possibly the biggest announcement during the event… Revoltech GURREN LAGANN!


Whew, looks like 2008’s gonna be a good year for Revoltech mecha! I’m still hoping they’d consider making Gunbuster or Gaogaigar though…

Images from GAGraphic, AkibaHobby

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