Revoltech Fraulein #002: Rin Tohsaka


Here’s the second figure in Kaiyodo’s highly anticipated Revoltech Fraulein line, ultimate tsundere Rin Tohsaka! Gotta love that zettai ryouiki. <3

Pics from Amiami

The main concern about her is that if the skirt would limit her leg poseability, but from the Amiami pics it looks like she can move just fine. It would be a great idea if Kaiyodo did more Fate/stay night characters like Rider or Archer, although I am happy enough with Rin, Saber and Alter Saber. Pre-orders for her have started yesterday so if you’re planning on getting Rin, better start pre-ordering! She’ll be out next February with the retail price of 2,300 Yen.

3 thoughts on “Revoltech Fraulein #002: Rin Tohsaka

  1. will pre-order it at play-asia together w/ rei and asuka.
    btw, how bout an add-up to yer link?

    Samejima, a forum roach from Zettai FigOta too. If you still remember me posting at the showroom some time ago.

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